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1. 20 Inch Poppet V/V Outside
2. Custom 16.5 Conflat for Electron Beam Assembly
3. Custom 30 Inch Flange
4. Custom Cross
5. Custom ISO 80 5 Way Cross
6. Custom Manifolds
7. Custom Poppet Valve Body 20 Inch
8. Ferrel Flange Custom Manifold
9. ISO 320 Custom Elbow
10. ISO 500 Custom Base Plate
11. Leak Cheaking 20 Inch Poppet Valve
12. LN2 Trap Resivoir for 20 Inch Poppet Valve
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Next Generation Ball Valves


Company Profile

HIGHVAC CO was founded with the intention to better serve the vacuum industry. This decision was made after recognizing the growing demand for high quality vacuum products with fast delivery and an affordable price. From inception, HIGHVAC CO has made customers realize they now have another option for high quality, off-the-shelf and custom engineered vacuum components with fast delivery. Our attitude has made many customers happy, which resulted in growth that doubled and tripled since the inception of HIGHVAC CO. With customer satisfaction through our quality workmanship, we continue to strive for long-term relationships.

HIGHVAC CO has taken the opportunity in implementing the latest in machine tool technology. With OkumaR (CNC) turning and milling centers, HIGHVAC CO can hold tolerances within .0005 TIR of an inch on machined components. With the latest in welding capabilities and know-how this help with fast delivery, AutocadR designing software for custom design and engineering, MastercamR programming software for complex machining, and quality control to ensure all product meet or exceed customer specifications and industry standards. HIGHVAC CO is now looking to implement the procedures of ISO 9001 which will eventually lead HIGHVAC CO to become an ISO certified manufacturer. This is another commitment HIGHVAC CO is making to ensure its customers of high quality products.

The founder of HIGHVAC CO a machinist himself, has gained extensive vacuum and machining knowledge from working in the aircraft and vacuum industry. Manufacturing of mechanical and structural parts for the aircraft industry, custom and off-the-shelf vacuum components for the vacuum industry.

Our knowledge of vacuum and machining skill have given us the liberty to better serve you. All off-the-shelf products are manufactured with the highest grade of 304, 316 stainless steel, aluminum, OFC copper and brass. We also have the experience in machining various types of exotic and super alloys, e.g., titanium, nickel, hastalloy, niobium, inconel, tantalum, molybdenum etc. After manufacturing is completed, all components are deburred, helium leak checked to industry standard (less than1x10-9 std. cc/sec.), as well as cleaned and packaged in a clean environment so that each component is ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Bob Ghamandi (President)
HighVac Company
3842 Commerce Loop
Orlando, Fl 32808

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